From 2 to 6 players
Price: CHF 140. per team
60 minutes

ALCATRAZ…. A famous touristic area, visited by millions of people.. You tought that the rock was only
a museum ? The truth is that a part of this prison is still active for some gouvernement cases and it’s
called «  Area 33 ».

Our story take place directly after the Van Gogh’s contract mission. Dive into this new hostile
environment, in the role of the first team of M. De la Rochadière, the same team that was arrested….
You were discover and arrested by the federal agent, Adam Steiner, the officer who investigated M.
De la Rochadière for years …

Imprisoned in Alcatraz, will you succeed escaping and avoiding the unpleasant interrogation ?

( Age recommend : minimum 15 years) Careful : very difficult for 2 players.

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