Lost n'Scape is welcoming companies for team building sessions on a regular basis. Located in the heart of Geneva, our team can offer you a break for a seminar or just a casual evening between coworkers… It is also possible to privatize our 200m2 premises.


You would like to organize an original event with your team ? Come and discover Lost n'Scape ! You'll find a unique concept to unite your team for a fun activity. An Escape Game is ideal for a successful team building together.

Come to experience an unique adventure. In team of 3 to 5 persons, you have only one hour to find clues, solve twits, discover secret paths and achieve your mission!

Within breath-taking sceneries made by magicians and show runners professionals, the experience will be more than intense and realistic. Every team has to cooperate, observe, think strategically and manage stress to achieve the mission within the 60 minutes given.

The skills you need to play :

  • Cooperation : reunite your brains all together to go further.
  • Communication : exchanging important information to progress.
  • Reflection : how to think about a problem and try to solve it.
  • Stress management : achieve the mission within the hour given.
The team building's benefits you'll obtain :
  • Reinforcement of team harmony, solidarity and efficient team spitit
  • The interpersonal communication development
  • Individual and collective decision-taking improvement
  • Cultural business membership's rising


To offer you an unique experience, Lost n'Scape's team bends over backwards.

The sessions's organization

  • 16pm - Teams' arrival and players' briefing
  • 16:15pm - Missions' starting
  • 17:15pm - End of the missions and personalized debriefing
  • 17:30pm - End of the team building


Sentence Twentythree

A personalized event (competition, final surprise, cocktail, professional meetings and seminars...) and the associated services.


An energetic and friendly team to welcome you and make sure your event is a success !

Suitable premises

Welcoming area, meeting room or relaxing place : The Game has everything for you to spend a pleasant time.

Lost n'Scape value added

Realistic movie like decorations for a complete immersive environment, a personalized and one-to-one attention for every team, 200m2 premises in the heart of Geneva

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